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PPC Management

Digital Marketing Help Ltd is a London-based PPC agency offering Google Ads / AdWords management. Depending on your business needs, we can set up your Pay Per Click campaign or pick up and manage an existing one.

We are experienced from managing local small business accounts in London to corporate customers in oil, gas, manufacturing, HR, payroll, education, health and social care.

We know getting the best Pay Per Click advertising results requires knowledge and experience. That’s why we have skilled PPC experts who specialise in a range of PPC services from keyword research and ad group creation to writing and fine-tuning adverts.

We help clients build, manage and optimise PPC accounts to achieve their marketing goals, reach new audiences and grow their businesses – auditing running campaigns and creating new accounts that generate leads at a competitive return.

We can show you how we deliver successful Pay Per Click campaigns with a high ROI that will increase your visibility and sales. Contact us now to discuss your PPC opportunities!

Our PPC Services

Our Models


Cost effective set up with instructions to manage your campaign


Keyword research

Campaign creation

Ad group creation

Writing adverts and selecting landing pages

Configuring max Cost Per Click (CPC)

Configuring advanced aspects such as position preference and limiting ad display times

Configuration of analytics for conversion data

Report of changes, covering keywords, advert text, costs


On-going fine tuning, reporting and optimisation of your campaign


Tweaking your adverts to get the best CTR

Re-writing adverts to bring up your quality score and bid rates down

Provide guidance on landing pages to improve quality score

Provide guidance on improving conversions

Provide monthly reporting on performance