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(+44) 0203 489 2292

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SEO Audits

Search Engines check a number of aspects of your website to assess your ranking. Our SEO audits tell you what these metrics are and where you measure up.

Think of our SEO audits as a map to your future success. We create this in easy to comprehend formats, and will walk you through the reports generated. Working on SEO with this sort of analysis can save you a lot of time and will help you avoid making costly mistakes.


Keyword research to help you find the best keywords

Keyword recommendations

Analysis of SEO code such as meta data and Headers on your page

Search positions of three competitors and your company

Deep Content Analysis of your site and your competitors

Domain metrics of your site and your competition

Check for any technical issues on your site

Analysis of how Google sees your site

Back links of your site and competitors’

Link flow

Most Influential Links

Site speed Analysis

Site Crawl issues

Hosting Configuration

Bad Link Checker

Google Penalty checker

Website structure

Site Load time

Content Quality assessment

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